A girl in a bronze jumpsuit sitting down
A fashion editorial of 3 girls in suits dancing in Pamukkale, Turkey
A Photograph of a girl in the air for a fashion brand in Abuja, Nigeria  by Nigerian African documentary travel photographer Nwando Ebeledike
A girl in a green dress with feathers, holding a gold purse and leaning on a wall
A girl on the floor wearing a nude
A woman wearing a brown layered dress in front of a bus in London
A woman wearing a long dress shielding her face and looking down at her son on the floor
A girl standing in a red coat holding a  red purse
A girl on a night out putting lipstick on in front of a mirror
2 girls in brown dresses smiling with the sky as a background
Up in the sky - Model on a camel in Cappadocia, Turkey for a fashion editorial
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