[pyoo r-i-tee]
Freedom from foreign or inappropriate elements; careful correctness:

Purity is the ability to recognise the essential nature of any form. It is the ability to distill any error that has been attached to a form whether the error is ideological, psychological, or physiological. Purity is the ability to liberate oneself patterns of error that are present in perceptual reality and instead to experience the intent of cosmic order. Purity involves being aware of the blueprint behind form. The only way one can experience the true nature of form is through the eyes of Purity.


Creative Direction and Styling by me

Photographer: Banji | @fabolousbanji

Models: @anastecia.obi |@tale_mentary | @ihuomaikoro_

Makeup: @artistrybyrue

Location: @retroafrica in @atelierhotels

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